5 Powerful WordPress Plugins That Can Boost Business Conversions


You might have done all the brainstorming to attract high traffic to your WordPress site. But, high traffic does not always mean high conversions. As a matter of fact, 96% of users who visit your site are not ready to buy. They never return either. The takeaway is simple – Without having a conversion strategy, it’s nearly impossible to boost your business sales. Just like cloud computing, big data and other online project management tools platform are implementing some of the additional features into their functionalities to maximize conversions, for a WordPress site, there are many plugins available to boost business conversions too. Let’s have a look at the top 5 ones to take your business to new heights.

Simple Page Tester

Split testing is must-to-have plugin if you want your conversion rate optimization efforts to generate fruitful results. With Simple Page Tester,  A/B testing on your WordPress site becomes a walk in the park. It lets you track conversion stats and make right business decisions. However, you need to pay if you want the full functionality of this plugin and detailed analysis of your split testing.

Simple Page Tester is compatible with cache and goes a long way in making your conversion rate optimization effort a big success.


Precious things don’t always come for free. And, OptimizePress plugin is one of the best examples for that. It holds great significance in bolstering your coffer by letting you easily create landing pages, sales pages, membership portals, and conversion funnels. OptimizePress offers over 30 templates to fit your business model and over 40 design elements to get the kind of look, feel and functionality you desire for your page.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Your site must load fast, lest it annoy a user into digging your competitor’s site to buy same products. A KISSMetrics report show that 40% of visitors quit sites that fail to load within three seconds. It’s quite possible for your WordPress site to take longer to load due to the plugins that you have already installed. With the help of P3 plugin, it’s so easy to determine how much each of your plugins account for the load time of your site.

The P3 plugin generates reports in pie-chart format to let you figure out how much each of your plugins contribute to the load time of your site. Once you know the plugins that are increasing the load time, you can deactivate them to speed up your site. According to a report by Amazon, every 100 millisecond improvement in page speed results in its 1% revenue increase.

The Takeaway: The faster the loading speed, the better the conversion rates.

W3 Total Cache

I’ve already highlighted the importance of fast loading speed in increasing conversion rates. A plugin called, W3 Total Cache, is well capable of increasing your site speed by 10 folds. W3 Total Cache enhances user experience to a big extent by improving server performance, saving 80% bandwidth with minify and compression technologies, providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration and  faster rendering of pages.

However, some users have raised concerns over installation of W3 Total Cache, reporting that it break sites. So, if you face similar issues with W3 Total Cache, don’t shy away from giving Super Cache a try. Either of the two will surely work for your WordPress site to boost your conversion rates.


Icegram, without a doubt, is one of the best WordPress plugins for catching maximum eyeballs. The plugin helps create beautiful options and call to actions (CTAs) of your choice. With Icegram, you can capture immense number of leads via popups, header and footer bars, toast notifications, and messengers.

Although you need to pay for the premium version of Icegram, it’s worth its price since plays a big role in converting your targeted visitors into buyers. Powerful call to action buttons coax visitors into visiting the page you want them to. Moreover, it helps you make important announcements and enhance user engagement, thereby equipping you to give a significant boost to your conversion rates.

All these WordPress plugins could prove propitious for your business. There are many more plugins available to give a rise to your business sales, but here I have discussed the top 5 ones. I hope they help your business grow.

Have you ever used a WordPress plugin to boost your conversion rates? What you think about benefits of WordPress plugins in lifting your business? Please share your views in the comment box below.    

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