Apply AIDA formula for any Landing Page

Landing pages are distinct pages on your website that are intended to not only attract a targeted visitor, but also encourage users to complete a specific set of actions. Landing page design is a factor that significantly influences their decision-making process. Therefore, when design a landing page, webmaster need to focus on user experience and functionality. It must communicates a clear message and directs users towards the final goals.

The AIDA Formula

AIDA is one of the most potent ways to drive conversions on a website.

AIDA stands for:

A = Attention – Grabbing the reader’s attention to make sure they continue to read-on.
I = Interest – Making sure they’re interested in what you have to offer.
D = Desire – Creating an unquenchable desire to claim your offer.
A = Action – Making your reader accomplish your desired action or outcome.


Before you try to grab your visitor’s attention it’s always best to start by listing what you know about your target audience. This includes demographics, likes, dislikes, desires, pain points, etc.

The central part of a landing page needs to grab a visitor’s attention instantly and encourage readers to look for some additional information. This is typically achieved by a short and captivating headline displayed in large.

The headline is the most important piece of copy on your landing pages. Statistics have shown that 80% of people don’t read past the headline if it doesn’t grab their attention. It’s often called hero image on WordPress page




If your visitor has made it past your awesome headline they’ll arrive at the section where you’ll have started building interest. The easiest way to evoke interest is to list a set of benefits concisely, so that a visitor can easily read and understand them.

Ask yourself, what about my product would make it interesting to my target audience?



The difference between interest and desire can be a little confusing. An easy way to think of it is that desire has intent. Before you can create the desire to buy, you must have created interest. Once interest is created it will mature into desire.

Desire simply translates into explaining why a visitor should use/want the particular product or service. This can be done by adding a social proof or numbers of active and satisfied users




This is the part when your copywriting efforts culminate into one action. This action is the outcome you’ve been aiming for throughout the whole landing page. The action, also known as your call to action, should drive your visitor to act.

Aside from the headline, your call to action should be your focus. Be sure to guess and test your call to action to see what’s working for your visitors. Eliminate or add things to your copy that are preventing users from converting on your offer. Are your visitors reading to the bottom but not clicking the button? Maybe your language is not exciting enough. Maybe you failed to give them enough desiring benefits.



Tools for creating landing page

There are many tools for creating landing for a WordPress website. I used KingComposer page builder, it really helpful and quickly to create landing page.

This example page I used to sent for reader



Knowing the theory behind AIDA principles and how to execute each step through design can be very valuable knowledge for a web designer.
You should create many landing page to test which landing has highest goal. Keep in mind that always improve your landing any time.

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Have you had success using the AIDA formula? Or do you use something else? Share your thoughts below!

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  • NCode Technologies

    I like this AIDA principle, It explain the good landing page ingredient very easily. In addition, the way you have described the different between interest and desire is fantastic. There a very thin line inbetween both of them which you have explain perfectly. I would say this is a complete guide for designing a good landing page.

    • Anthony Pham

      Thank you for your comments. I have mistake in AIDA before. That why i wrote this post to helps other one understand more.
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