Designing Perfect Pages with Hero Images

Hero image isn’t new to web design, it is a large, featured image or series of images prominently displayed on the homepage. So it’s not simply a large photo on a home page. it’s a large photo of goals that your conversion from your readers. It’s a photo with a purpose.


Why use a Hero Images?

Hero Images are a simple way to add visual interest to your pages and promote your brand on the website. It doesn’t take much time for readers to make a judgement, and a hero image helps introduce clarity, and ease of consumption right away. With your hero image, you’re looking to complement your value proposition and create a better first impression for visitors to your site.


How to design Hero Image?

Clearly, designing, content and choosing a hero image is important and as much art as science.

The choosing an image is the hardest part about hero image. Your image must base on following criteria:

  1. Keyword Relevance (does the image complement the targeted keywords?)
  2. Purpose Clarity (does the image help clarify the message of the site?)
  3. Design Support (does the image support and enhance seamless flow of page design leading to the CTA?)
  4. Authenticity (does the image represent your brand in a credible way?)
  5. Added Value (does the image add value? Improve relevance? Demonstrate benefits?)
  6. Desired Emotion (does the image portray desired emotions that trigger action?)

Images should be simple, and shouldn’t distract from the content of your page. For example, a photo of a landscape may work better than a visually busy pattern. If there are people in your images, make sure they aren’t awkwardly cropped or obscured on screens of different sizes.

In sections where you’re adding background images, try to keep content short and sweet in order to avoid a fight for attention between your image and the copy. Try leaving some breathing room around your text, which will make copy more readable and allow the images to effectively shine.

Image and text colors also have an important role to play. When selecting font colors, be aware that, while a color may work well over one section of an image, it might be less readable on another. For example, using a light text color over an image with light colors can make your content impossible to read. If you have the complex image, you can use a color overlay background.

There are some resources for you can download high-quality images out there.

Tool for design Hero Image

Now a day, you can design your hero image without a professional designer.

I often use the page builders for our pages. KingComposer page builder helps more on creating page and hero image.

Some example I created:





Hero images, when done correctly, contextualize and complement a value proposition to increase the clarity on a page. They help someone understand quickly what the value of your offer is.


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  • NCode Technologies

    Frankly speaking, I never thought Hero images are that much good for website. The reason for that was, I think that they are not as much relevant. Actually, I was not aware of the concept of this image as i m not designer myself. But after reading this post, I understand that Hero images can be really very helpful to increase conversions from your website. Thanks for the explanation.