How to create simple plugin to export all slides in Slider Revolution

I’ve worked on ThemeForest in 2 years. Sometimes, I want to export all slides to make the demo sample, but I have to click and click to each slide to export it. I guess there are many authors have some problem.
Today, I will introduce you to create a new plugin to save your time.

This is result of plugin

Let’ start

First, you must look through the document from Codex https://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin
I named for plugin is ‘export_all_rs’ you can change that later

Plugin structure
The plugin will have the main PHP file, javascript to progress and some other resources.

Files are included in folder


With included:

Now, we create new file on that folder named /wp-content/plugins/export_all_rs/export_all_rs.php
Then add the header tag for plugin with it self information as snippet bellow

with CSS file, we will add the background for button with small images

Let’s go through the javascript file

  • Export All Sliders

‘); relist.append( new_button ); if ( !export_status.get(0) ) { // if status bar does not exists, just create it export_status = $(‘


‘); relist.append( export_status ); } new_button.on( ‘click’, function(e) { export_status.html(“Exporting…”); export_status.animate({opacity: 1}, {queue: false,duration: 100}); var list_btns = $(“.export_slider_overview”); //get all export button list_btns.each( function (index){ $(this).delay(1500*index).queue(function() { $(this).trigger(‘click’).dequeue(); if(index == list_btns.length – 1){ export_status.html(“Export finished”); export_status.animate({opacity: 0}, {queue: false,duration: 5000}); } }); }); }); }

First will find the div which included other buttons. After we will add new button for export and a status message.

The main javascript is the find all export links of sliders then call a trigger click event to them. each action happens after 1,5 seconds

I finished the package of plugin, you can download from link bellow

  • Luís AT

    Very useful plugin and explanations! Thank you very much. I only have one question.. How can we bulk import them afterwards?

    • Anthony Pham

      Hi Luis,

      Sorry we do not have feature for import bulk slides this time. I will try to release on next version.

      Hope that convenient for your plan.

      Best regards