Integrate plugin KingComposer WordPress page builder in your theme.

This instruction helps you integrate your website with any theme and KingComposer page builder.

1. Install Kingcomposer plugin via page added plugin





2. Creat file and include via function.php in your theme

I created file kingcomposer.php in folder inc/kingcomposer.php
I call it via file function.php
+ require get_template_directory() . ‘/inc/kingcomposer.php’;

3. Create elements demo.

Code in file kingcomposer.php

4. Create template for element

+ create folder kingcomposer in your theme themes/YOUR_THEME/kingcomposer/
+ create file have name _ID_ARRAY_ELEMENTS.php in folder template kingcomposer


+ display element in file template themes/YOUR_THEME/kingcomposer/twe_test.php


  • Сергей

    Hello am very grateful for Your work! Will the implementation of nofollow (to prevent indexing Google references) and (to disallow indexing by the search engine Yandex) that would have been the ability to hide links that are used on the website (which is pegged for Your plugin)?

    • Anthony Pham

      Hi Cepren,

      Thank you for your suggestion, can you send me the list of element which you want to set that?
      If you have more suggestion you can join our facebook group at