#KCElements : Heading element – how to create attractive heading for a page

Statistics have shown that 80% of people don’t read past the headline if it doesn’t grab their attention. It means only two out of every 10 people will actually continue reading after the headline.

So the how that headline display is important on a page or section with a first look.

This article will show you how to create a great heading text to attractive reader keep on reading your page. You can apply this to a home page, business info or event selling theme on ThemeForest.

Here are some heading design tips:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t try to cram too much stuff in the header — while it is valuable real estate, the more you stuff into it, the less valuable it becomes.
  • Keep text to a minimum. Your heading text is primarily for branding and brand recognition, and it should be primarily visual. Keep text in your heading to a minimum. It should be noticeable branding.
  • Don’t put an opt-in in your header. Adding an opt-in box to your website header was all the rage when it was new back in 2007/2008. But now that it’s permeated the web and opt-ins are plastered everywhere, the strategy losing it’s effectiveness and it can make you appear desperate and amateur if not done correctly. Plus, a website opt-in box doesn’t belong on every page of your websites — like your services, products, programs, and other conversion focused pages.
  • Always use with a simple image. The image helps your text more visual and easy to read.
  • Use simple font for text. Just use a simple font for easy reading.



Create your heading with KingComposer

Firstly, we find an image for the background, it must fit with your ideas and content of the page. There are many free images website resource our there. They really good and high quality. You should add more effect to image to make content readable.

After that, edit your page with KingComposer. Set the background image for the row which you want to put the heading in there. Then add new Title element.



Your heading should have margin from the top in range 60-100px in a small section. It helps the readers keep their eyes on text better than a bad spacing. For big banner, you can use 250px for margin top as the image above.

How about margin-bottom with other content. I often use 30-45px between heading and small text.





With the font of text you can use some font bellow:

  • Poppins
  • Raleway
  • Roboto
  • Playfair Display

It’s easy to add them from Font Manager on KingComposer





With font-size, I often use 70px for it. You can use bigger number but do not make them to big.


What About You?

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Have you had success creating nice headings? Or do you use something else? Share your thoughts below!