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A website is a necessity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses, and anybody selling products or services”. Nevertheless, how can a website be built without lengthy codes? KingComposer is a professional Back-End and Front-End WordPress page builder plugin. It comes perfectly with top-notch features embedment and a truly intuitive UI. With no programming knowledge required, KingComposer can save you time and eliminate headache, allow you to easily create pages like a true professional web designer.

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You may wonder what benefits could you gain from using KingComposer WordPress page builder plugin, so here it is. First and foremost, King Composer comes with it’s own unique UI core so that utilising the native HTML5’s Drag and Drop will be piece of cake . This plugin will bring you the highest performance with smoother Drag and Drop experience, including sortable, resizing, droppable, movable and so on. Another striking point is the fully copy/paste function within the plugin. Feel free to copy any element you want and paste it anywhere you need. All copy-paste actions are executed immediately – even copy and paste between different browser tabs.


How this page builder save your time?

Ajax actions takes a long time to happen? Don’t worry since King Composer page builder doesn’t use Ajax in Back-end or less in Front-end. All actions and changes will be completed instantly and without any fault! The amount of rows and containers KingComposer page builder is limitless. Allow your imagination to run wild! KingComposer will take care of all the technical aspects for you. Moreover, columns using KingComposer plugin are flexible! We support five column layouts, plus the ability of doubling the last column’s content and sorting columns in a row. It also allows you to re-size the column width by a mouse click and drag.

UI King Composer WordPress page builder plugin


Special features in King Composer page builder

A special element is eager to WOW both End User and Developer since it helps you to build any complex page at ease. The Advanced Mini Box. Thanks to it, you will be able to design static elements, drag & drop nodes, set attribute, import & export HTML code, visualize CSS properties for each node and more. KingComposer page builder is compatible with all default WordPress widgets as well as 3rd party plugins, therefore it will work smoothly with both newly-created websites and a few plugins built in, as well as huge websites with dozens of plugins added.

Widget King Composer WordPress page builder plugin


Last but not least, sections manager now has become as easy as ever. You will be able to install a section, add a screenshot or edit the amount of rows inside. This is an outstanding tool for theme authors – who need to pack and deliver sample data to their customers.

Section Manager King Composer WordPress page builder plugin


As an added bonus, you can now try KingComposer page builder plugin for free at:


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  • Jessie

    Hi there,
    I am having a hard time figuring out how to begin with kingcomposer. The description says it requires no knowledge of code. However, in reading the documentations I have only found descriptions of shotcodes and other thing sI don’t understand. I have installed it, and started to play with it, but I can’t even figure out how to display the content on the front end of my website. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thank you for your comment.
      If you want to do some extra element for your website, you have to add the element and shortcode via extra code.

      In case you just want to use for your website with exist theme, you just need to install plugin and active backend mode and add your content. Frontend view will show your content automatically.

      Best regards.

  • Shirley Dawe

    I love this plugin! Have used both Site Origin and Elementor, and this is much easier with beautiful results.