#KCElements : Media Elements: Image Hover Effect + Gallery + Carousel + FadeIn Slider

KingComposer is improved each day. We got more great feedback from users, that is helpful for KingComposer’s evolution.

Today, I will introduce more elements on KingComposer. Almost of them are about Image media, which you can use a slider or effect to attractive readers.

Image Hover Effect

Kingcomposer Image Hover Effects Frontend

Image Hover Effects Frontend

This is an awesome element for attractive your readers. We have 5 pre-layouts for you can use.

Element support title and description. The description will depend on the layout you use. Of course, you can customize the text and font for captions.

You can set the background for overlay layer when hovering on the image. It is easy to control with the setting panel.

Kingcomposer Hover Image Effects

Hover Image Effects Settings


Image Gallery

Kingcomposer Image Gallery Frontend

Image Gallery Frontend

You should use this element if you want to have a grid gallery image or image with masonry layout.

Element support light-box when clicking image and you control how many items per row. Of course, you can custom your image size with exactly dimension you want.

Kingcomposer Image Gallery

Image Gallery Settings


Image Carousel

Kingcomposer Carousel Images Frontend

Carousel Images Frontend

Images carousel is a popular element for all website. It is helpful if you want to have a simple slider on top of page or a showcase for products you have.

You can control how many items per slide, how long each slide display and progress bar also.

Kingcomposer Image Carousel

Image Carousel Settings


Image FadeIn Slider


You want to have a simple slider with the fade effect on the website. it is easy with Image FadeIn Slider.

You can add what ever image and set time for each slide and speed for each slide also.

Kingcomposer Image Fadein Slider

Image Fadein Slider


There are many resources for choosing image into your website. You can check some free resource image on our blog for your website.