7 Must have WordPress plugins for Developer

WordPress has many features and plugins for any website. And there are many plugins to support for the developer, choosing right WordPress plugins is the best ways to decrease time and improve the quality of the product before deploy to customer or selling.

Follow list is some plugins we used and recommended by friend to their stuff when develop theme or work on project.


WP Fastest Cache

wp-fastest-cache the best cache wordpress plugins

“I want my website fast”, “Website demo must fast for review” are some requirements from client or leader when we develop theme or website.
There are many ways to do that our there, and WP Fastest Cache is one of the best solutions for that. WP Fastest Cache plugin creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. Cache system generates a static HTML file and saves. Other users reach to the static HTML page.
It is easy to config cache with WPFC, I am very impression with panels, just simple checkbox, and button. It is best of cache WordPress plugins.


WordPress Reset


While developing theme for WordPress we must test how a theme works from install to activation and using with sample data. WordPress Reset helps you to reset WordPress to it’s defaults. It will remove the previous contents, additions, and customizations from the database only, your theme or plugin still be save when reset. This plugin is very helpful for plugin and theme developers.




kingcomposer the best page builder wordpress plugins

Your customer or buyer always want to modify the content of page, post. So the best ways for you is using a page builder for that features.

Kingcomposer is new and the fastest page builder for WordPress community. From within both the frontend or backend area of a page, post or custom post type, KingComposer can be easily launched allowing users to immediately start designing with all the pre-packaged elements bundled.

It is easy to control text, layout with this grid page builder . KingComposer support both backend and frontend mode for your customer play with their creative ideas..






You often develop the website and theme on your local PC, don’t you?
After finish, you want to take the website to demo server or live site for the customer, but sometime export and import database do not work well. In this case, you can use this plugin to take backup whole your website – files and database, then upload the backup file to the new host and run config. You can have new website easy for some minutes.

This plugin is one of best backup WordPress plugins.


Meta Box


Meta Box plugin is a powerful, professional solution to create custom meta boxes and custom fields for WordPress websites. The plugin has a large collection of actions and filters which help developers to add more functionality to the plugin or change its behavior. It reached to 200k+ users active some month ago.
Some plugins features:

  • Easily register multiple custom meta boxes for any post types
  • Supports more than 35 field types and more
  • Uses the native WordPress meta data storage and functions for ease of use and fast processing
  • Built-in hooks which allow you to change the appearance and behavior of meta boxes
  • Easily integrate with themes and plugins
  • Compatible with WPML multilingual plugin



Regenerate Thumbnails

While development a WordPress website, Some developers often forget set the thumbnails size for the site. Of course, it is too late to have the new site for uploaded images.
In this case, Regenerate Thumbnails helps you much on generating all images to new thumbnails size.
Regenerate Thumbnails is a simple plugin that lets you regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments. With a single click, you regenerate all the thumbnails something that saves time that would be spent generating one thumbnail after another. It has over a million downloads for now.


Theme Check


Are you WordPress theme developer? Do not forget about this plugin before uploading to market-place or repository. It measures your WordPress themes according to the latest coding standards and practices. Theme Check helps you make sure your WordPress themes are up to the mark.
Before upload theme to Themeforest, we often use this with Themeforest check plugin to ensure all things is correct to decrease the time for the reviewer.


We hope this article helpful for developers to improve skill to finish project or theme quickly with the list of WordPress plugins above.
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