PEXELS – The ultimate media resource for WordPress theme

If you click on this article, you must have been finding some of the media resources which might suit your website. The thing is, there are hundreds of thoudsands of collections out there for you to choose that sometimes cause a little confusing. This article will introduce some of the photos from PEXELS, each concept would bring you different feeling. The photographs are all in high quality and they are FREE. The stocks are professional photographs and they have been retouched to suit various types of websites and users’ preferences.

The first section I would like to introduce to you is Business. As far as I concern, Business theme has been one of the most searched and used themes last year. Below are two different color tones for the Business style. Whether you want a cold or warm color page, PEXELS has that for you.

Startup Stock Photos

pexels-photo (1)


The Food series might activate your appetite with the crystal clear retouch and color harmonization. You could use these pictures for your restaurant demo or the food portfolio.

food-plate-rucola-salad food-salad-healthy-lunch


You might find your favorite Wedding scenes here at PEXELS. They provide a number of couple images and others related images such as best men, bride maids, etc.

pexels-photo food-couple-sweet-married


Move on to the next section, you can find a list of fashionable pictures from portrait to full body models. There are hippie style pictures to high fashion for you to choose.

pexels-photo-48713 pexels-photo-large


Lastly, I present to you the luxury Hotel photographs. As seen below, the image stocks are high quality pictures of gorgeous hotels all over the world. PEXELS provides many different hotel concepts which could suit the theme itself and with others.

pexels-photo-28620 night-dark-hotel-luxury

All in all, the images above are just a small part of the amazing storage that PEXELS can provide you. Hundreds of categories are waiting for you to explore. They even have the similar photo section which will help you with the unity of your website. Have fun with your photograph discover.
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