[Review] Highstand – The next level of WordPress theme

“A website is a necessity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses, and anybody selling products or services”(Michel Theriault, via Forbes). Nevertheless, how can a website be built without lengthy codes? Highstand WordPress theme, which was built based on King Composer’s plugin will resolve this headachy problem for you.


Why Highstand WordPress theme?

After a thoroughly study about KingComposer plug in, I decided to write a review about one of their amazing theme – Highstand –  in order to inform you about some of its features and interfaces. Their website has uploaded various introductions and tutorials on technical usage but I want to focus mainly on the overall design. After all, a beautiful website is what all of us are aiming for, isn’t it?


Technical Features

But before jumping into the details, I tend to briefly introduce some of the main technical features that King Composer plug in has, so here it is.

  • No Ajax
  • Native HTML5’s Drag & Drop
  • Full copy/paste function
  • Unlimited and flexible rows and columns
  • Advanced Mini Box
  • Compatible with all default WordPress widgets
  • Section Manager


Website Demos

I have gone through a lot of websites and homepages looking for a demo that caught my eyes but I have never seen such a massive amount of demos other than on Highstand’s website. They have like 30+ demos with diverse usage purposes. Literally, you can find a suitable demo for a fetus or an elder website, spreading from education to cuisine and more. Take a quick look at their demo website to experience different demos, maybe you will find inspiration to try what you have never thought of before.

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

As can be seen, the web pages have been designed with the lasted trend: transparent and flat design. Looking into details, these are some striking display features on popular demos.

If you want to promote a product or establish a website for your company, the main demo theme is the best option for you. This demo features a long home page layout, which includes plenty of different elements in each session.


Highstand WordPress Theme - Main demo

Main demo

So many men, so many minds. Thus there are 15 more demos which you can choose from. Each contains slight differences to the overall design but still distinguishable that can make one satisfy whether you fond of rectangle or curvy style. Here are some examples

Highstand WordPress Theme - Demo 9

Demo 9

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

Demo 13

To make the customers mouth watering, your Restaurant demo representing the menu should be appeal to their eyes. Highstand theme can help you to share your menu with your visitors, display photos of your location, and provide some of the feed backs along with online booking to please the most straitlaced customers.

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

Restaurant Demo

As the name suggest, the Construction demo has been created as a reference for professional construction companies and architects, who want to build a stunning website to attract more clients.

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

Construction Demo

Medical and Education demos are just the right type for those who want to provide the best services to help making the world a better place. They have the ‘smart’ looking impression which is not only portrait the academic information but also friendly to the users.

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

Medical Demo

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

Education Demo

If you tend to keep it simple, the one page demos are worth considering. They are best use with artistic purposes. This Portfolio demo is simple yet beautiful, which certainly can turn your designs as the apple of the clients’ eyes.

Highstand WordPress Theme Demos

Portfolio Demo

What if you want to honor a beautiful memory and tell the world about it? The Wedding demo is right here to fulfill your demand. It has the timeline layout in one session and suitable ‘chapters’ to tell your story.


Wedding Demo

Page builder tool

So far I have listed some of the best of Highstand theme (in fact, they are all good). But if you are not satisfy with what I have just mentioned above, you would want to look through the below section because I’m going to point out some features of Highstand theme which use King Composer’s page builder tool.

It must have been very annoying if you have to manually adjust parameter for every single change. Don’t worry because King Composer’s advanced drag and drop tool will make it easier to redesign your page as you wish. Using the theme is now even simpler than playing around with PowerPoint and, more fun.


One interesting point I want to mention is the saving tool. It would be very unpleasant if you lost all of your unsaved changes due to a power cut or connection lost. However, the programmers have developed the ‘Ctrl+ S’ combination which will store your information in a second without reloading the page.
Read the article about this amazing tool right here.


Other striking features are the icon and color picker. All of these themes include a wide range of different icons that you may need. And all the icons’ colors on your page are customizable with the standard RBG color table.

KingComposer Icon-Picker text

KingComposer Textarea-HTML text


Last but not least, the responsive design applied to each demo works fairly well that you won’t feel any uncomfortable when switching from a computer to a mobile device.


Some minor drawbacks

Every coin has two sides. When trying the demo, I found out that there was no way to change the font individually. By that I mean you cannot change the font in each small section but to apply it on entire page. Nevertheless this is just a small bug since the overall design has harmonized well and I certainly didn’t want to mess it up.

Though there are pictures and articles on how to use these themes, I still crave for video tutorials and introduction since visual and auditory are  the best company when it comes to learn something new.


Buy Highstand WordPress Theme NOW!

So that’s my review on Highstand theme. I have gone through many sites and found this the best and easiest theme to build a website. It provides you a lot of presets and friendly interface that you can customize a website reflecting your own character.

Buy it NOW at:

  • Thanks for a great theme advice! Will try it 🙂

  • Bud

    I’ve enjoyed building a website with Highstand more than any of the other wordpress themes I have bought lately. The King Composer is great too. Nice job!