Social Elements – Increase your social media engagement

Engaging your audience on social media is a great way to build that community for your business. An engaged following = audience who know, like, and trust you. And that, at its core, is how successful content marketers help fuel sales.

KingComposer provides elements for that work to help you more on keeping communication with readers.
Let’s check out what they are.

Facebook Post

KingComposer Facebook Posts Frontend

Facebook Posts Frontend

Facebook is popular today with any business. KingComposer brings your Facebook timeline posts to a website in the easiest way. You just need to get the slug or ID or your fan page, then register an API key on facebook. developer
There are more options for showing text only or pictures on listing or number of like, share, comment on your facebook posts.

Twitter Feed

KingComposer Twitter Feed Frontend

Twitter Feed Frontend

It is easy to get your tweets on the website with just some setting with Twitter Feed element. Simply, just enter your username and play.
Ther are some options for tweets such as the avatar, link reply, timer,…

Instagram Feed

KingComposer Instagram-Feed Frontend

Instagram Feed Frontend

This element will display the set of your recent image on Instagram with the grid layout. You can control how many images per row and number images. Just enter username and access token and see it working on a website.

Multi Icons

KingComposer Multi Icons Frontend

Multi Icons Frontend

Do you want to have a list of profile social on pages? No problem, just use the Multi Social Icons element. You just select an icon for each social and enter your profile links. You can sort them in a line and change the color of each profile also.

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