Strategy for new free WordPress plugin

There are three factors for product development: Product, Support, Marketing. A good product but is not mean high sales. Marketing is the factor effect almost of earning of a product, it becomes the main key for any product development.

This article is our experience after release new plugin for WordPress Community. Also, I’ve compiled from other sources. Hope this will help other developers.


Make something people want. It is easier to fulfill existing demand or solve an existing pain point than to create demand for something new. That is what I learn after read the post from David – How To Build A Successful WordPress Plugin

We used the Visual Composer for some of our themes to selling on ThemeForest. We face many problems with Visual Composer, it is slow and not friendly for development. Of course, we got many feedbacks from customer also. From that, we thought “Why don’t we create new page builder for our theme and for other developers”. Then as you know, KingComposer comes.



This factor is important for improvement product. You have to collect feedback from users, try their suggestions and release the update.
With KingComposer page builder, we faced many developers and users help us on checking and give us the suggestion. Darron, Noahj, Alex are some first ones come and go with us some month ago.



As I said about, this factor is important for the popularity of your WordPress plugin. Actually, we release plugin before think to the marketing. That is a mistake when starting KingComposer, but now we know what should we do.



I’ve summarized and given to a product strategy as follows:

The product should be the freemium model. You can add to the plugin directory and use to promote your main commercial product.

When starting development:

  • Choose a product to start. Notice “Make something people want”
  • Start development and start a blog.
  • The blog content is about product and other content related to the product. This steps will collect the number of readers and it is easier to sent new plugin to them for using.


  • Upload to and waiting for user feedbacks and improve product.
  • Develop pro version while numbers user increase.
  • Create demo site and collect users email to send them newsletter.

Promo your plugin

  • Blog comment. Find the related post about your product and share your product there.
  • Guest Blog. It’s mean writing post for another blog and includes your product in the article to driven user to your website.
  • Social Networking.
  • Paid posts on influencer blog as:


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Share Your Own Experience

Over to you: If you have launched a plugin before please help make this guide more useful by sharing your own experience in the comments below. Tell us what methods you used to promote your plugin in the very beginning and how it worked out! Many new developers are waiting for your experience.