What’s new on KingComposer page builder version 2.5?

Hi, how are you doing? It’s been awhile since our last update. And today, KingComposer comeback with a new update version of King Composer, version 2.5! You will be experienced with a lot of new features such as CSS generate system and improvements of Backend, frontend and Live editor. Are you ready for this? Let’s jump right into YOUR new update.

What’s new in version 2.5?

People ask for frontend-editor? Here you are. We have updated Live change for our Live Editor system. The users can see the changes of the frontend immediately after they change the configure of the elements. It is extremely intuitive and easy to master. It’s truly real-time modification.

Take a look the quick video tour for frontend live change

Quick video about new features on KingComposer


CSS generate system

This time, we’re thrilled to introduce to you our new CSS generate system. With this new feature, you can easily control style of elements without any knowledge of coding. Our new CSS system strongly supports developers since all you need to do is defining the selector for CSS tributes.

CSS System preview


Moreover, the design of our setting tools was updated in order to bring the developers the best experience building a page. We have improved Backend and Frontend UI with high UX. This means you can see the improvement on the way each field setting works and looks in panels.


New UI style for both backend and frontend



CSS Inspector

CSS Inspector is advance tool help you set the CSS property for all tags HTML, you don’t need to add any CSS code into your WordPress page. Of course, the purpose of CSS Inspector helps you control styling for HTML tags. It supports all CSS properties with high label meaning. You can control text align left/right/center. Increase size of text, set the color for a text or icon, and even background color, background image and gradient.



Right Click Menus





Right Click Menus


You can control row, columns, elements with right click menus. Even on responsive mode you can easy to select width of columns with one click. Menu everywhere is KingComposer page builder



Color Picker system

One more thing, the Color Picker system has been updated with brand new theme and function. Now, you can either choose or create your own color preset. And easy to get the color with opacity value. We make YOU be the owner of your theme and page builder!


New Color Picker style


Last but not least, our page builder is now supported various post types, allows the users to create the most professional page. For example, pricing table, Our work/Portfolio, Testimonials, Timeline Post, Tooltip, Our Team.

Some other element added are Dropcap, Creative Button, Feature Box, Call to Action


KingComposer Advance Elements



KingComposer Pricing table



All in all, we hope that you will like our new 2.5 update version. We’d love to hear any feedback from you guys. Please enjoy using our page builder, King Composer!

You can join for testing or discussion about KingComposer page builder at group facebook from link bellow.





  • Hello – it seems your Pricing Attribute table is automatically adding bullet points to the middle items. It does not seem possible to have it display as you have here. How do you disable those bullet points?

    • Anthony Pham

      Hi Anthony,
      Thank you for your inform, which version are you using for? Please try to update to latest version or
      You can use snippet bellow to solve that, please put it into the KingComposer > General Settings > Custom CSS
      body .kc-pricing-tables .content-desc li{

      Hope that convenient for your plan.